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Baliova Interview

I suppose the first question I would ask a professional photographer, is what makes you different to anybody out there who takes photos?

I guess the answer would be me and my perception of beauty out there..

It’s ‘the way of seeing’ … and in retrospective is my way of photographing people and environment that is pleasant to my eye, which then translates and speaks to others.

It’s a visual communication

We all are unique in our own way and once we allow ourselves to stay in present and fully embrace who we are there is no more confusion.

I stay very inspired in the moment using available light and textures around me to capture a soulful moment. My way of working with subject is simply through connecting with them and letting go with flow …

My photographs are almost like extensions of paintings communicating something deeper then obvious with hidden message.

When did you find that passion inside of you to take photography to the next level and actually choose it as a career?

My background comes from two mediums: painting and dance

When I use to study fine art and danced professionally, I wasn't aware that I will become a photographer one day … I was always intrigued by photography, people and beauty, but it never accrued to me that photography will become my final way of expression …

All happened naturally …

Throughout my studies of painting I have discovered a darkroom, which led to exploring with printing and photography, which continued to grow to passionate interest.

I would spend days in darkroom, processing my films and developing my prints. I was extremely fascinated by magic of light and started to study whole process of photography from the beginning …

My main interest was in fibre based b&w printing, which I would layer with textures and movement within an image… this magical textured process later became my signature even in digital photography

And to continue the story - My passion for photography never stopped since J

I have seen your surreal series. Tell me more about this

Surreal Series – or in another words - Women of my life (

Is a project I have been working on for the past 5 years and is a selection of images studying female form and its connection with the surrounding space and interlinking objects.

This work is influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism and is inspired by the combination of abstract surfaces and the bodies seen as sculptures within these spaces.

“I aim to capture the revelation of peace and serenity through the light, the composition and the unknown atmosphere of each moment.”

All of these hand printed and individually toned images also portray women from my life and my reflections in them …

As a photographer, do you see things differently to others you think? Is it true that a great photographer can capture a moment because they see it moments before happening? Am I making sense?

Yes absolutely, I know exactly what you mean. I think we all see things differently …

Is just few of us are completely devoted to their visions and interests.

Capturing a moment is almost like flowing through the time and seeing and feeling particular moment within …

The magic of that magical moment happens right at the time when all slows down on the shoot and you are in the moment with your subject talking one language without saying a word, you are seeing it unfold and in the same instance capturing it … It’s the greatest feeling ever, as you can feel its happening you know that that’s the shot you were waiting for - I call it magic

Do you have inspirations? Such as other photographers? or simply places and styles of picture taking?

One of my earliest inspiration in photography was – Francesca Woodman and her book is still one of the most treasured in my library.

Also, I have always been big fan of fashion and fine art photography of Lillian Bassman, Sarah Moon, Tim Walker, as well portrait photography of David Bailey, Mario Sorrenti, Paolo Roversi, Jean Loup Sieff and not forget my fascination with colour studies of Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, Klimt and few more…

'I believe I grow everyday as an artist and as a person, there for everyday inspiration is important as feed for future creative steps.’

Inspirations in retrospective:

My inspiration comes from dance and painting with combination of music and psychology …

I search for unknown and mysterious …

My work represents flow of emotions with combination via expression through reflections, movement, light, water, textures, and distortions … all of these are used as tools in my photography representing my form of expression in my images and my art …

I want to see beyond… I thrive to see beyond obvious …

My feelings and emotions are often hidden in my photography using this tool as escapism and my form of expression …

I see you photograph many women, and like to bring out hidden beauty. How can you do this with a camera?

Hidden beauty is simply uniqueness we all possess… As there is no one like you out there, hence you are unique and special and beautiful …

Some of us know it and feel it and some are completely unaware …

I love working with people, bringing out their hidden beauty and soulful energy.

Its almost like a creative communication between me and subject captured through my lenz in a moment when time sits still and all is forgotten in that stillness, as there is nothing else just me and my subject and that beautifully magical moment of being …

So, what is going on the life of Katarina Baliova? What does the future hold for you?

The world of KB is spinning crazy

This year holds a lot for me and I am very excited about it. I will be launching my new website in few weeks – which will be launched as an application as well as a platform covering world of Katarina Baliova photography – commercial and fine art and film production.

This year I will be shooting few fashion and advertising campaigns, as well as short video stories for very exciting brands. I am also currently working on new project which will be combined medium with photography and preparing for few shows with my fine art photography of classic yachts in Monaco, St Tropez, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Paris, London and New York.

And Finally, what is the best photo you have shot, or at least you favourite. and why?

One of my most important images is this one below – from my project Surreal Series:


This image started my whole photographic journey. It represents my first exploration with shape and my form of visual expression. It started one of my most important projects – Surreal Series – which I am still working on and which secured many commissions for me in fashion, editorial, commercial and music industry.

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