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Exhibition | Surreal

Is a project, which I have been working on for last 4 years and it represents my vision of the female form. All the images communicate similarities between the shapes and inanimate objects through the unspoken language of the movement where the mystery of unravelled is created.

These black and white images symbolize sensual and anonymous visions, with the play of light and dark highlighting bodies in motion and in repose.

My early inspirations were drawn from young female photographer Francesca Woodman. Like her images, my work is influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism in combination with abstract surfaces and connected with the live sculpture of the body, giving a peaceful revelation of serenity.

First explorations leading towards Surreal Series were drawn from my paintings and drawings and were inspired by shapes and fantasy. This was the starting point and moving element to a progression towards expressions through the film photography.

Following images were created through my desire for available and natural light and that became important aspect throughout the whole project.

My subjects used in these series are women from my surroundings, my friends and women I meet and come across in my everyday life. Their natural beauty and undiscovered shapes are inspiring, which creates mystifying and intimate image without limitations. Identity is always hidden, as I want to keep anonymity to create a space for fantasy.

Surreal Series are photographs of everyday women, when captured through my lens becoming creations of my visions of beauty.

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