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Katarina Baliova | Photographer and Artist

Katarina Baliova, Photographer and artist, lives and works in London.

Specializing in editorial, fashion, film & fine art, commercial and music industry.

Katarina’s most compelling quality is the ability to capture a moment connecting it with elements of personality, romanticism and fantasy. Her unique style has defined her work since picking up her first camera and through exploring shapes, textures, people andlight around her. Katarina’s sensitive approach to her photography has been developed from studies of painting in her early age, followed by applying these experiences in photography. Her personal fine art photography projects aim to capture the revelation of peace and serenity through the light, the composition and the unknown atmosphere of each moment.

Katarina has been an establishing member of group of experimental artists called “CREATIVE”, and participated in multiple exhibitions around Holland and Slovakia. Produced an award winning documentary on “Verbal and Non-verbal Communication” Later on travelled and lived in Australia and studied Life Drawing under Dr. David Briggs at Julian Ashton School of Drawing, Sydney. During her stay in Australia she has been working along side fashion photographers and co-operating with creative projects in entertainment industry (Sydney Dance Company) and documentary photography.

Later in 2005 she moved to London and successfully completed BA Hons Art and Design, specializing in Photography (film and digital). Throughout her studies she has been collaborating on various projects for: Sony (UK), Esquire Magazine (UK), Vanity Fair (UK), Tatler Magazine (UK), Pekne Byvanie (SVK), Markiza Magazine (SVK). Also collaborating with London photographic galleries. Closely following the contemporary scene of art and participating in various contemporary photography projects and exhibitions in London.

In 2006 Katarina started her own business – Katarina Baliova Photography. Beginning by taking on small clients, she was soon able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to develop the commercial side of her business. Katarina’s momentum has continued to build, with industry leading brands and well known names in music, editorial and fashion industry. Her current aspirations are centered on surrealistic explorations of portraiture and forms (landscape, body, surfaces, reflections and shapes) with a creative focus on sensitivity of light and its interaction with surfaces across subject matters.

Katarina is currently working on various projects for Status Quo, undertaking assignments for album covers and projects in the music industry. Her photography is also commissioned by variety of high profile magazines and in fashion, editorial and commercial fields.

Even today, Katarina relentlessly strives for perfection in capturing soulful beauty and continues to develop and refine her portfolio and business.

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