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2014 Secret – RAVEN ART SOCIETY, London, UK


2012 Status Quo - Behind the Scenes, London, UK


2010 Surreal - Bordello, London, UK


2009 Surreal Series - Gallery 118, London, UK


2009 Windows to Identity - Gallery 118, London, UK


2008 Identity - Rapid Eye, London, UKONS:


2011 Light in Shape -Christian Hopper GALLERY, Lewes, UK


2010 Inscape Series - Our World In Frame 2010 in support of African

Passions, Chepstow Gallery, London UK


2009 Feminine Identity - Surreal Series, Gallery 118, London UK


2009 TEXTURES OF INDIA - group exhibition in association with The Nehru Centre and The India high commission, London UK


2008 Future Tense - BA Degree Show, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK


2006 Group exhibition, Colours around us, Luton, UK


2003 Dancing souls - Exhibition from shows at Sydney Dance Company, Sydney, Australia


2001 Shapes of body - Exhibition in Rocks, Sydney, Australia


2000 Group exhibition - Arts Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands


2000 New Talents competition Award winning documentary on VISUAL communication, Slovakia


1999 Group exhibition - Experimental artists ‘Creative’, Kosice, Slovakia

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