Katarina Baliova, Photographer and artist, lives and works in London.

Specializing in editorial, fashion, film & fine art, commercial and music industry.

Katarina’s most compelling quality is the ability to capture a moment connecting it with elements of personality, romanticism and fantasy. Her unique style has defined her work since picking up her first camera and through exploring shapes, textures, people andlight around her. Katarina’s sensitive approach to her photography has been developed from studies of painting in her early age, followed by applying these experiences in photography. Her personal fine art photography projects aim to capture the revelation of peace and serenity through the light, the composition and the unknown atmosphere of each moment.

Katarina has been an establishing member of group of experimental artists called “CREATIVE”, and participated in multiple exhibitions around Holland and Slovakia. Produced an award winning documentary on “Verbal and Non-verbal Com...

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2014 Secret – RAVEN ART SOCIETY, London, UK


2012 Status Quo - Behind the Scenes, London, UK


2010 Surreal - Bordello, London, UK


2009 Surreal Series - Gallery 118, London, UK


2009 Windows to Identity - Gallery 118, London, UK


2008 Identity - Rapid Eye, London, UKONS:


2011 Light in Shape -Christian Hopper GALLERY, Lewes, UK


2010 Inscape Series - Our World In Frame 2010 in support of African

Passions, Chepstow Gallery, London UK


2009 Feminine Identity - Surreal Series, Gallery 118, London UK


2009 TEXTURES OF INDIA - group exhibition in association with The Nehru Centre and The India high commission, London UK


2008 Future Tense - BA Degree Show, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK


2006 Group exhibition, Colours around us, Luton, UK


2003 Dancing souls - Exhibition from shows at Sydney Dance Company, Sydney, Australia


2001 Shapes of body - Exhibition in Rocks, Sydney, Australia


2000 Group exhibition - Arts Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands


2000 New Talents competition Award winning documentary on VISUAL communication, Slovakia


1999 Group exhibition - Experimental artists ‘Creative’, Kosice, Slovakia

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